Give the value of a chicken in Tzedakah




The Custom Of Kapparot

  1. One generally does kapparos with a chicken and gives its value to tzedaka. One can also use money, which one then gives to tzedaka.
  2. The custom of Maran Chacham Ovadia Yossef Zatsa”l and  Hagaon R’ Chaim Kanievsky Zatsa”l was to wave a chicken, and to give its value to Kupat Ha’ir.
  3. The minimum sum is $26 per person. Customarily a more significant sum of  $52 is given; there are those who give  $72 or $120 per person.
  4. Each man and woman is obligated. One also gives on behalf of babies; an expectant mother gives double.
  5. Before giving one should say, “Zeh chalifosi, zeh temurosi, zeh kapparosi, zeh hakessef yailech l’tzedakos Le Hachaim Vehashalom – v’ani yechanes v’ailech l’chaim tovim arukim u’leshalom.”


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